Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Personnel Management Information System

QPMIS-Private SMB edition is a complete and yet customizable web-based human resource information system solution designed for small to medium sized businesses. 

Features of QPMIS:
·  Works on any web browser on any operating system
·  Secure your employee data storag
·  Keep information of employees such as;  personal information, work experience/history, certifications (e.g. civil service eligibility, professional licenses),  salary details, etc. 
·  Data maintenance for salary grade, salary type, salary steps, status of employment, type of leave, position and department.
    ·  Leave monitoring
    ·  Various reports pertaining to employee can be generated like Personal Data Sheet, Service Record, Certificate of Employment, Compensation, Inventory of Personnel, Loyalty Award, Salary Increment, Birthday List and Personnel Schedule 
    ·  Generate notices like Employee Memo,  Salary Adjustment, Position Allocation, and Personnel Movement 
    ·  User management and Audit trail
·         Supports different types of employees like;
1.       Salary Earner  – employees receiving monthly/semi monthly salary
2.       Wage Earner  – employees receiving daily wage salary 

·   User-friendly interface

QPMIS is still customizable depending on company human resource policies and standards.   Alerts, employee rewards and/or disciplinary sanctions can also be integrated.

QPMIS is programmed in ASP.net version 9.0 and running on .Net Framework 3.5 and it uses MS SQL server or MySQL database.

Minimum system requirements:
1.       PC or Server with at least 1GB RAM,  5GB free hard disk space, LAN connection
2.       Windows OS with IIS, .net Framework 3.5,  MS SQL Server or MySQL, Internet Browser (recommended : > IE 6,  Firefox)

green_old.pngAvailable plug-in modules include:
Timekeeping System (qTime), Payroll System(QPayroll)